Body Mapping

What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is a specific technique used by licensed Andover Educators to help musicians recognize the source of harmful movement, and to replace it with movement that is free and based on the truth of our anatomical structure.  This technique is informed by the latest neuroscience about how the brain produces movement, and has helped hundreds of musicians play with more ease and heal themselves of injury and pain.  It is taught in Universities, Conservatories, and private studios throughout the world.

What is the Body Map?

The Body Map is the neuronal representation we hold of ourselves; our conception of what our body is like.  Often these beliefs are not in our awareness and held unconsciously.  When our body map is aligned with the true design of our body, movement will look and feel easy and balanced.  When our body map is in conflict with the truth of our structure, movement will be tense, awkward, and create discomfort and injury.

What should I expect in a Body Mapping Lesson?

In a body mapping lesson you will learn clear concise information about the body, through anatomical models, images, palpating, and movement explorations.  Body Mapping trains awareness, understanding of healthy movement of joints and balance of skeletal structures, and consciously retrains movement patterns in order to achieve freedom at the instrument.

Body Mapping lessons are open to anyone looking to find more ease in their movements, whether it be at an instrument or everyday activity.  Amber works with professional musicians, amateurs, and students of all ages.


Amber offers body mapping lessons regularly in Waterloo, Oakville and Hamilton, and at summer institutes across the country.  Please contact her from more details.


Amber teaches the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” for instrumentalists of all kinds.  Workshops are also tailored for specific instruments or age groups, and vary in length from an hour to the full 6 hour course.